Discover 5 Panel Key Cup (THC/COC/AMP/MOP/mAMP) (PH/SG/OXI)

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Discover 5 Panel Key Cup (THC/COC/AMP/MOP/mAMP) (PH/SG/OXI)

The Discover Key Cup is an all-in-one drug of abuse test cup. The strips are self contained and the entire cup is tamper resistant.


  •     New Screw Cap & Key is attached to the cup, simply lift the locking device and press key to start the test.
  •     The key activation feature gives the donor control over activating the test and results interpretation.
  •     The drug test cup has easy Xerox feature where cup can be laid down on its side; doesn’t leak.
  •     Up to 99% Accurate.
  •     Adheres to the SAMSHA Cutoffs.
  •     Immediate Results.
  •     Shelf-life up to 18 months.
  •     New easy to open top for the drug confirmation lab.
  •     Outstanding Customer Service from Every Drug Device Product Department.

Testing Procedure:

  • Technician removes the key from the center of the cap.
  • Donor provides specimen and replace the cap.
  • Read urine temperature between 2-4 minutes after voiding. Normal urine temperature should fall between the ranges from 90F to 100F.
  • Place the cup on a flat surface, insert the key into the key hole of the cup, then push the key to a fully closed position to initiate the test and then start the timer.
  • Technician peels off the label to view the results.
  • If adulteration test is included on the test cup, read the adulteration test results between 2-5 minutes.
  • Read the drug test results at 5 minutes.
  • A photocopy of the results can be made by placing the entire cup with the results face down on the copier.

Sealing the Cap:

  •     Pour the urine samples into the cup.
  •     Place the cap flat on top of the cup.
  •     Twist the cap clockwise until completely tightened.
  •     Check to make sure the cap aligns with the top of the cup and is completely sealed shut.
  •     If the test result is positive, secure the cap with the Security Seal, and send the cup to laboratory for confirmation testing.

*Also Available: K2, Ketamine, Tramadol, Fentanyl, EDDP Methadone Metabolite, and Nicotine

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