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  • NasalCEASE is the first OTC treatment for nosebleeds (epistaxis). NasalCEASE is specifically designed for minor nosebleeds.
  • NasalCEASE is derived from a natural molecule and has been specifically designed to quickly and conveniently stop minor nosebleeds.
  • The unique properties of NasalCEASE actively provide for rapid cessation of the bleeding. The product releases calcium, which actively enhances the coagulation process, while the material fills the nasal cavity providing mechanical hemostasis.
  • It is highly adsorptive, adsorbing the blood without manipulation or change. As NasalCEASE adsorbs blood, the sodium from the blood causes the material to gelify and become moist.
  • It is this moist state that keeps NasalCEASE from sticking to newly formed clots, allowing for easy removal, without causing rebleeding or pain for the patient.
  • The sufferer can easily and painlessly insert NasalCEASE when a nosebleed occurs and without further fuss, simply remove it within thirty minutes.
  • NasalCEASE's uniquely designed fibers are soft and gentle on the nasal mucosa.

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