Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test

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Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test

Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test

Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test

Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit (1 Test Kit) is a simple way of measuring Progesterone levels. Progesterone is a hormone that keeps a woman’s reproductive system healthy, and helps her have a healthy pregnancy.

• Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit is a convenient way of measuring Progesterone levels. 
• Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit detects problems related to Progesterone level imbalances. 
• Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit checks if symptoms are related to Progesterone imbalance.
• Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit assists in monitoring body’s response to Progesterone treatment.

Product Description:
Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit is an easy way of determining Progesterone level. Progesterone is present in both sexes but plays major roles in females.

If the Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit has detected that you have normal levels of Progesterone, it means that you have a healthy reproductive system manifested by the following:
• Regular menstrual cycle
• Healthy pregnancy
• Absence of premenstrual syndrome

Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit can also detect if your body has low levels of Progesterone. Low levels of Progesterone are usually manifested by the following signs and symptoms:
• Irregular menstrual cycle
• Inability to conceive
• Temporary infertility
• Low libido and sex drive
• Bone diseases/osteoporosis
• Depression

Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit is also useful in determining if the following signs and symptoms are due to excessive amounts of Progesterone in your body:
• Headache
• Breast tenderness
• Irritability
• Abnormal vaginal spotting
• Weight gain
• Inability to get pregnant due to inhibited ovulation
• Acne and other skin problems

Progesterone is also present in small amounts in males. This hormone plays important roles in keeping their reproductive system and overall health in top condition. If men are experiencing one or more of the following signs and symptoms, then he can use a Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit to determine if the cause is low levels of Progesterone in their body:
• Low sex drive
• Disturbed sleeping pattern/insomnia
• Low sperm count
• Inability to achieve erection
• Joint pains and bone problems
• Prostate enlargement

Men and women suffering from health problems caused by low levels of Progesterone are usually treated with Progesterone replacement therapy in forms of creams, patches, oral supplements, and injections. Those who have high Progesterone are usually treated with testosterone treatments to suppress the high amounts of the former. Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit helps keep track of your body’s response to these treatments, to check whether or not you are having improvements with your Progesterone level. 

Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit is a practical way of measuring Progesterone level compared to serum testing. Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit also yields accurate results as serum testing but not as expensive and inconvenient as the latter. Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit is also the ideal choice compared to saliva test kits if one is taking medications that may affect Progesterone levels present in saliva.

Guide to Blood Sample Collection: 
The right time to collect your blood sample is within 30 minutes upon waking in the morning. Do not eat or drink anything, except water. Remember to gather the specimen on flat surfaces like tables.

When testing with Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit, make sure to collect sample on the 19th, 20th or 21st day of your menstrual cycle. (Day1 starts at the first day of bleeding.) If you have irregular menstruation, collect sample when not bleeding and at least 5 days prior to expected menstruation. For women who do not have periods and for men, you can collect blood samples any day of the month.

**If you are taking/ using HORMONES, please take note of the following suggested time frame of collection. Failure to collect within this recommended periods may result in False High or Low results.
• Pills, Gels, Creams, Sprays – allow 12 to 24 hours from your last dose before collecting sample
• Troches, Sublinguals (under the tongue) – allow 36 hours from your last dose before collecting sample
• Patches – allow 24-48 hours from the patch application before collecting samples
• Injections/ Pellets – collect sample at midpoint between injections or pellet insertions
Additional instructions for Topical Hormones Users:
It is very important to avoid transferring the hormones to the face or neck because this may yield in false high results. Just remember to:
• Avoid using uncovered hands, when applying topical hormones, for at least 48 hours before collection
• Apply the topical cream/ gel to body parts that are covered by clothing
• Avoid contact with objects that maybe contaminated with the hormones (such as faucet door knobs and counters)
• Wash hands after applying the hormones. Use soap and water then pat dry.

Preparing to collect the sample:
• Ready the contents of Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit
• Before collection, it is important to print your name, date and time of collection where indicated.
• Wash your hands and pat dry.

For Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit, follow these instructions when collecting: 
• Stick the filter card flat on a table surface (lower level than the waist) with the flap hanging down and away from the collection filter strip. See Picture A above. Remember that the back of the flap should not touch the blood filter collection strip.
• Open the provided alcohol prep pad and sanitize the gauze and put it next to the affixed filter card.
• If possible, use the non-dominant arm’s middle or ring finger as this is the best choice to draw blood.
• Rub the finger with the alcohol prep pad and allow for 15-30 seconds of drying time.
• Get the lancet, remove the cap and apply pressure on the small white section strongly against the side of the finger tip until the lancet ticks. (Tip: To promote blood flow before cutting the fingertip, swing your arms, place hand under lukewarm water and/ or rub hands together.)
• Use the sterile gauze pad to wipe up the first drop of blood.
• Put the cut finger above the blood spot card circles (See Picture B above) then gently milk the finger to extract blood. Do not squeeze the fingers. To allow for gravitational pull of the blood, collect samples by placing the hand lower than the waist.
• As the droplet of blood forms and is ready to fall, let the droplet come into contact with the center of the circle. Keep on collecting until all the circles have been filled with blood sample. Please refer to Picture C for the correct sample and Picture D for unacceptable samples.
• When you’re done, blot with a clean gauze then put on a dressing.
• Let the blood spot card dry for at least 30 minutes.
• When the specimens are dried, close the flap and put inside the plastic box.

Sending and Getting the Results:
• Remember that after collection, the dried blood spot sample should be kept at room temperature.
• Complete all necessary information on the Test Requisition Form (included in the test kit).
• Put the collected sample, test requisition and all important documents inside the Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit box and close properly.
• Put everything inside the UPS packaging; attach the prepaid label or postage. Please see the Instructions attached with the kit for information on where to send the blood spot sample along with the completed paperwork.
Results of the Progesterone (Pg) Blood Spot Test Kit usually takes 3 to 5 days, upon receipt by the lab, to complete. By the 5th to 7th business day, test results are sent back to the patient or providers, who ordered them. Results are also available online, through secured internet means.

IMPORTANT: Please take note that certain restrictions are imposed on New York and California residents regarding test kits. Before purchasing, please read the information carefully:
The health laws implemented in the New York State forbids the testing of specimens collected in or sent from New York and also forbids communication of data from the lab to New York residents or health care providers. For that reason, it is not possible for NY residents to directly receive their results.
According to the health laws of California, specimen mailed from their state, or collected, should come with a written request for the laboratory test from a physician or health care provider that is licensed in California. 
This includes the following disciplines: M.D.; D.C.; LAc; R.D.; D.O.; N.P.; and Pharmacists (R.PH). As of September 2002 (Senate Bill 577), such lab tests may be ordered by complementary/alternative health care practitioners "not providing services that require medical training." California consumers not working with a licensed health care professional should contact a compounding pharmacist in their area.

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