Bookmarks are incredibly useful objects – so why not incorporate them in your Catholic life with Catholic-themed bookmarks?

As we are sure you have seen from our Books and Booklets sections, there is a huge amount of Catholic and Christian-friendly literature out there. With so much goodness to choose from, sometime it is easy to forget where you were in a book, especially if it is a book you pick up every few weeks for comfort or affirmation. 

Our Catholic bookmarks will make sure you are always on the right page and chapters of your readings. They provide not only incredible beauty to a commonly bland object, but even come with prayers, Catholic imagery and art as well. 

With bookmarks that portray Saints, Mary, Jesus, Angels, Charms, or Prayers, both the look and the feel of your readings will be beautifully enhanced! 

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Mercycardin: Medicine for the Heart
Publisher  -   Marian Press Author  -   Marians of the Immaculate..
What Jesus Saw From the Cross
Pages: 252 Format: Paperback ISBN:   9780918477378 Author:  A. Sertillanges ..
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