Improve your Prayer Life with a Home Prayer Corner

by Shawn Kilgarlin
prayer corner

A home prayer corner is a secluded, quiet place in a household, exclusively selected by an individual or the family members for praying and meditation. A Prayer Corner should be selected in such a way to avoid unnecessary disturbance and noises to help the person in praying sincerely without disruption. Generally a chair and a table is placed in a prayer corner and the table is adorned with a Bible, Rosary, Crucifix, Candle, Prayer cards and Statues or Pictures of Jesus, Mother Mary and Saints.

Benefit of Prayer Cards in a Prayer Corner

Catholic Prayer Cards have a picture of a person or a saint on one side and a prayer on the back side for that person. Using a Prayer Card in the Prayer Corner helps an individual to concentrate on the particular person and pray for him earnestly. The Laminated Prayer cards features two short and meaningful prayers on one side and at the back side it explains the importance and difference a prayer brings in our lives. Healing Prayer Cards helps a person to get healed in mind, body and soul which consists of a prayer to Jesus Christ, Mother Mary or Holy Saints.

Usage of Catholic  Bibles, Rosary Beads  and Catholic Crucifixes in a Prayer Corner

The presence of Catholic Bibles in a Prayer Corner gives a person an opportunity to meditate on the words of God which improves the faith and spirituality of  a soul. It also comforts a person during times of difficulty and problems. The Rosary Beads offers a systematic and organized way of praying and enhances the communication with the Lord Almighty. The Rosary beads assist a person in counting the number of Hail Marys and the number of Our Fathers and repeating them as they count each individual bead. Placing Catholic Crucifixes on the Prayer Corner assists a person in meditating on the suffering, death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ and stimulates a sense of serenity, faith and belief.

Benefit of Keeping Statues of Saints, Jesus Christ  and Mother Mary in the Prayer Corner

Statues of saints like St. Francis of Assisi, St. Michael, St. Anthony  and St.Theresa  invoke  a spirit of divinity, reverence and a mood of prayer when kept in the Prayer corner. The statues also inspire a person to live a holy and pious life like the saints. Hence the statues of saints help in the spiritual life of an individual by guiding them in the path of holy saints.

The statue of Jesus Christ when kept in the Prayer Corner enhances the faith and offers console to the praying person immediately. Moreover it helps in meditating on the life, miracles, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ which makes a person to relish the love and affection of the saviour on humanity.

The statue of Mother Mary in a Prayer Corner inspires a person to live a holy and humble life like her. It also motivates an individual to follow her example in surrendering totally to the command and will of God and her obedience to the Divine Lord.

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