Praying for Others with Prayer Cards

by Shawn Kilgarlin
prayer for others

Prayer cards can be efficiently utilised to pray for others when they are in need. Using this card one can pray for their friends, neighbours, relatives or for whoever has given a prayer request. Prayer cards can be prepared for each individual, with their name and a suitable Bible verse written on it. Different prayer requests can be written on the Prayer cards with specific dates. This card will help in praying for others on those pre-planned dates regularly.

Catholic Prayer cards for praying for others

God wants us to pray and have concern for others including our enemies. Catholic Prayer cards are very useful in interceding for others and also to plead, beg and request God on behalf of others. Inform others that you are praying for them and also get to know from them what are the other points to be prayed.

Laminated Prayer cards for praying for others

Laminated Prayer cards can be used to pray for others in which the name of the person is written on one side of the card and the specific points for which prayers to be offered written on the back side. This is very beneficial in remembering the needs of others and praying for them periodically without forgetting.

Using Healing Prayer cards for praying for others

Healing Prayer cards can be utilized for the benefit of others to make them well and back to good health. Healing Prayer cards have a picture of Jesus or Mother Mary on one side of the card and the back side has a healing prayer written on it. Some cards carry a verse from the Bible which promises health to the sick to deepen their faith. Some of the prayers request God to pour His spirit on to the sick, strengthen their body, mind and soul and bring them back to pink of health. Some other Healing Prayer cards beg the Lord Almighty to perform a miracle and restore the sick to best of their health.

Jesus Prayer cards for praying for others

Jesus Prayer cards has the picture of Jesus Christ on one side and probably having a miracle healing of the Holy Father printed on it. The back side has a small prayer for us to pray for others periodically until they get well or healed completely.

Our Lady Prayer cards for praying for others

Our Lady Prayer cards has the image of Mother Mary printed on one side with words requesting Mother to intercede to the Lord for the benefit of others. The different dates written on the Prayer cards help us to pray for others regularly without fail.

Saint Prayer cards to pray for others

Using Saint Prayer cards for others is a very common and effective way of praying. The prayers printed on Saint Prayer cards along with the pictures of St. Anthony, St. Michael, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Joseph are frequently used requesting the saints to pray to the Heavenly Father on behalf of others.

In conclusion, praying for others is not only our duty but it gives us a deep sense of satisfaction. We can pray for others problems, sickness, journey, financial difficulties, examinations, marriage and also for other blessings.