Reveal – 5 Panel Cup – (AMP/COC/THC/MAMP/MOP) (1,458 tests)

Reveal – 5 Panel Cup – AMP/COC/THC/MAMP/MOP (1,458 tests)

Reveal – 5 Panel Cup – (AMP/COC/THC/MAMP/MOP) (1,458 tests)

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The Reveal 5 Panel Cup is a comprehensive and reliable drug testing solution designed to provide accurate results in a convenient format. This single-use cup can simultaneously detect five commonly abused drugs, including AMP (Amphetamine), COC (Cocaine), THC (Marijuana), MAMP (Methamphetamine), and MOP (Opiates). With a capacity to perform an impressive 1,458 tests, this drug testing cup is ideal for workplace, clinical, or personal use.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive 5-panel drug test (AMP/COC/THC/MAMP/MOP).
  • Single-use cup with integrated testing strips for easy and hygienic drug testing.
  • Quick and accurate results in minutes.
  • Suitable for workplace, clinical, and personal drug testing.
  • Ample capacity for conducting 1,458 drug tests.

Ensure a safe and drug-free environment with the Reveal 5 Panel Cup. Whether you need to screen potential employees, monitor substance abuse treatment, or ensure personal accountability, this drug testing cup offers convenience, accuracy, and reliability.

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